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Dakota is  very active in educating, Canadian's Native Youth, Speaking to the young people in communities about, self empowerment, motivation and self esteem. Sharing his own experiences as a,  Native Youth  struggling with peer pressure and frustration.

Native Reflections 2004 calendar

Dakota  House was born in, Manning, Alberta on Feb 17, 1974. He grew up in, Winnapeg MA, and he is currentley living in Edmonton, Alberta. Dakota got started in acting, when his mother found an  ad from ,Winnipeg Casting Agency. They was looking for young Native actors, he auditioned and received a scholarship for a 10 week acting course.

Soon after, he won the role as, "Skinner" In the 1992 film, "Dividers." Dakota is well known for his role in the, Canadian drama series, "North Of 60. He played, "TeeVee Tenia" who lived in a small town called, "Lynx River. TeeVee Tenia was the town's trouble maker, he grew up learning about the outside world from watching television.

He had dreams of the South thinking things would be better there, only to have his dreams shattered. Later on, TeeVee became Chief of Lynx's River, and a family man. ."Dakota admits, he didn't think he would get the role of, "Teevee" he said, "Then i got that call back and got the part."  "My mom and I were so excited."   In 1996 Dakota was nominated for a, "Prestigious Gemini Award" for the best actor in a supporting role in a dramatic series